The Gallery that stands testimony to some of our work.


This is an In-Store Video we created for Samsung Signature Series Launch that was showcased at their stores in various high-end malls across the country in South Africa.  The brief was to elegantly introduce and reveal each product through sketched animation that would transition to reveal final rendered images of products in a real life setting. Our animation department was equal to the task and produced incredible results that pleased our client.


The below video showcases a project developed by our OliKha Studios animation department.  The project is called "DanceAnimate" which features animated dancing characters doing various dance genres.  The vision behind this concept was to create a database or library of dancing animated characters that can be adapted for any project in advertising campaigns or in multimedia avenues.  The characters can be placed in any background or scenario as per client's brief.  They are created in high resolution thus making them useful for any platform, either HD, UHD and in OTT platforms.  Our team does live motion capture of anything that a client needs the characters to perform, then the animation process begins and ends with mind-blowing result as seen on the video below. 

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OliKha Gaming is a platform that focus on all things gaming. We host gaming tournaments, run a gameplay channel via Youtube, we curate and resell pre-played games. 

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